Minimāli ūdens zudumi nākotnē

Vidējais ūdens zudums Dānijas ūdens sadales tīklos ir zem 10%. Šis līmenis ir viens no zemākajiem pasaulē. Dzeramā ūdens zudumu samazināšana ir aktuāls un globāls jautājums.

The water supply network

The water distribution network is massive and it can be difficult to get an overview of all details. The pipe network in modern water distribution systems is therefore sectioned into smaller areas called District Metered Areas (DMA) including between a few hundred and a couple of thousand consumers. Each section has one primary entrance and a number of secondary entrances for use in emergencies.

The sections need to be well defined and separated by shut-off valves – typically gate valves. It is extremely important that these valves are reliable and completely tight because otherwise you will not be able to know if water is lost due to leakages in the section or if it simply disappears to the neighboring section. 

More about the LEAKman project

The LEAKman project intends to demonstrate Danish solutions to reduce the water loss and to pave the way for new Danish water technology. It is a four-year project with a budget of DKK 43 m.

The goal is to establish some guidelines that can be implemented globally and help ensure stabile water distribution all over the world. We are nine partners working together on the project and besides AVK, Leif Koch A/S, NIRAS, Grundfos, Kamstrup, DTU, Nordvand, HOFOR and Schneider Electric have joined the partnership.

Read more about the LEAKman project
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